Re-cotone Batis

An ecotourism offer focused on reconnecting human beings with mother earth, conservation, reforestation and unconventional gastronomy.

Batis Caribbean Re-cotone

This Ecotour was born as a complementary activity to the environmental education processes led by the BATIS Foundation, motivated by interdisciplinary research and holistic vision for environmental sustainability through different exploration modules.

In the territory you will awaken your senses with the exploration of smells, colors, flavors in our Batinian orchard and the landscapes and sounds of wildlife. Highlighting the legacy you can leave to environmental sustainability through the regeneration and conservation of nature in the ecosystems of Tropical Dry Forest (BST) and Mangrove Forest (BM).

Highlights of this ecotourism experience:

  • Presence of endemic and near-endemic bird species: Colibrí manglero, Chrysuronia lilliae, Guacharaca caribeña, Ortalis garrula, Atrapamoscas panameño and Myiarchus panamensis.
  • Presence of endangered species of fauna and flora.
  • Presence of the only two representative ecosystems of the Department of Atl. in the same space; Tropical Dry Forest and Mangrove Forest.
  • Rescue of seeds and ancestral knowledge for their revaluation.

What does the ecotourism experience include?

Binoculars, awning suit, magnifying glass and digital booklet of local flora and fauna, tour of the mangrove forest on the shores of the beaches of Puerto Colombia, assisted planting of mangroves in community nursery, bird watching, tour of the tropical dry forest, refreshing cold coconut, planting and harvesting of edible and medicinal plants, workshop on preparation and consumption of organic food from the Batiniana garden, souvenir.

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First Station - 1 Hour Duration
Mangrove forest

Here you will learn some of the most relevant characteristics of this amazing and threatened ecosystem. You will understand the privilege we have as a human species inhabiting planet earth and contribute to its reforestation. You will learn about three of the four mangrove species found in the Colombian Caribbean and leave a positive footprint by planting one of them in the community nursery.

Second Station - 1 Hour Duration
Tropical Dry Forest

Throughout this tour you will pass through the edible forest and learn about fruit species that are consumed in the region, you can go bird watching and you will have exclusive access to the wildlife observatory where you will see and listen closely to unpublished audiovisual records of wildlife captured within the territory with the help of camera traps while you refresh yourself with delicious cold coconut.

Third Station - 1 Hour Duration
Batinian Orchard

Once in the agroecological garden, get ready to live a gastronomic experience that will change your perspective. Emphasizing food sovereignty, in this space you will sow, harvest and feed yourself with edible species that are little recognized and valued in traditional cuisines. You will enjoy the aroma of different species of medicinal plants and taste a delicious organic tea.