We are Nature

Environmental Sustainability

Generates a change of attitude and critical thinking about environmental issues.

Area of research and projects for environmental sustainability

This area provides research services for the generation of environmental, socio-cultural and economic projects focused on socio-cultural sustainability, focusing the projects on the appropriation of cultural and environmental heritage for the sustainable use and management of nature, stimulating local solidarity and circular economies.

Applied Research

The formulation and execution of basic and applied research projects in each of the research areas for the generation of new knowledge that contributes to the change of paradigms so necessary in these times and allows a change of attitude towards the rest of nature.

Environmentally Sustainable Processes 

Research is conducted to design environmentally sustainable cyclical systems that benefit all living beings in the productive and service processes of organizations. The service is provided to new companies and projects and/or those seeking the transformation of their objectives to the benefit of environmental sustainability.

  • Environmental Management Plans
  • Environmental Impact Studies
  • Flora and fauna inventories
  • Rescue, removal and translocation of wildlife
  • Comprehensive environmental consulting
  • Environmental certifications

Environmental Offsets for Biodiversity Loss

We provide services for environmental compensation for companies and individuals who must assume this work for deforestation and loss of biodiversity caused by their projects. We elaborate environmental management plans, plans and execution of rescue and relocation of flora and fauna, as well as the necessary reforestation for projects where clients must assume these compensations.

Restoration of ecosystems with native species and creation of edible forests.

Under the principles of restoration and conservation of ecosystems and following the local natural patterns, a diagnosis is made that will allow the adequacy of the areas subject to reforestation and planting will be implemented with native species according to their requirements, the ecosystem and the bio-region in which the area to be intervened is located. Similarly, it is generated with the creation of edible forests where everything found in the space can be consumed by living beings. These spaces, although they require a high energetic effort at the beginning, as time goes by and the forest itself gets stronger, the harvest yields will be higher and the maintenance work will be minimal, since these forests will work imitating nature, which is capable of taking care of itself without the help of human beings.

Socio-cultural empowerment of vulnerable populations

Design of programs and projects for the integral attention through art, culture and environment, creating experiential spaces of coexistence for the mitigation of family and individual risk factors.
We will apply methodologies according to the research carried out, connecting creative components that dynamize good environmental practices, transforming human beings into multipliers and agents of change.
Batis designs communication strategies oriented to environmental conservation and awareness of their role with nature through videos, songs, fairs, musical concerts, jingles, campaigns, plastic arts, among others. Seeking to generate a Creative Industry for spaces of environmental awareness.
Our clients are natural and legal persons with interests in the transition and transformation of linear processes to cyclical processes of their companies. As well as governmental and non-governmental entities in the design of sustainable environmental projects.