presence in educational, public and private sectors

Batinian BioNetwork

Part of the BATIS Foundation

Strategic alliances and articulation with governmental and private entities, NGOs and vulnerable communities, in search of solid relationships based on respect, trust and responsibility. Sharing the same philosophy and principles of the BATIS research center for the collection and conservation of nature through the search for the role of human beings with it.

Some of our allies:

  • University of Cordoba 
  • University of the Atlantic
  • Simon Bolivar University
  • Gobernación del Atlántico, Secretariat of Economic Development
  • Mayor's Office of Puerto Colombia, Secretary for the Environment
  • Procolombia
  • The coloured spoon
  • Biophilia  
  • Ingecol  
  • Borge Jaron  
  • C.R.A. 
  • Wild zoosurprise
  • Ludovica Foundation
  • La Casona de las pulgas
  • MANOA House
  • La Fera del Millon
  • Bunt Café
  • Colombian Ultimate Frisbee Federation (FCU)
  • Colombian Surfing Federation (FCS)
  • Psychotropic