Re-cotone Batis

An ecotourism offer focused on reconnecting human beings with mother earth, conservation, reforestation and unconventional gastronomy.

Batis Caribbean Re-cotone

Recotono Batis is an eco-tourism activity complementary to environmental education, with a focus on sustainability and nature exploration. Awaken your senses in our Batinian orchard and explore the Tropical Dry Forest and Mangrove Forest ecosystems. We highlight the presence of endemic and endangered species, and the rescue of ancestral knowledge.

During the experience, you will be able to appreciate the presence of endemic and near-endemic bird species, including the Mangrove Hummingbird, Chrysuronia lilliae, Caribbean Guacharaca, Ortalis garrula, Panamanian Flycatcher and Myiarchus panamensis. In addition, you will be able to witness the only two representative ecosystems of the department of Atlántico in the same space.

Join us and discover the beauty of nature while contributing to its preservation!


What does the ecotourism experience include?

Binoculars, awning suit, magnifying glass and digital booklet of local flora and fauna, tour of the mangrove forest on the shores of the beaches of Puerto Colombia, assisted planting of mangroves in community nursery, bird watching, tour of the tropical dry forest, refreshing cold coconut, planting and harvesting of edible and medicinal plants, workshop on preparation and consumption of organic food from the Batiniana garden, souvenir.

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Duration: 4 hours approx.
Recotono Batis Tour

Discover the biodiversity of the ecosystems of the Batis Foundation! Join our guided tour through the three seasons of the territory, where you will learn about surprising aspects of the Mangrove Forest and Tropical Dry Forest. In addition, you will enjoy a novel gastronomic experience in our Agroecological Vegetable Garden and contribute to the conservation of the environment by planting a mangrove. Includes guide, explorer kit, gastronomic experience, mangrove planting, cold coconut, souvenir and assistance insurance. Book now and live an unforgettable adventure with us!

Duration: 2 hours approx.
Recotono Bosques Tour

Discover the secrets of the Mangrove Forest and Tropical Dry Forest ecosystems in a unique ecotourism experience. Delve into the heart of mother earth and learn about the wonders they bring us every day. Join our guided tour with a Batinian guide, an explorer kit, and the opportunity to plant a mangrove to contribute to the conservation of the environment. In addition, enjoy a screening of unpublished audiovisual recordings from the Batis Foundation, a refreshing cold coconut, a souvenir and assistance insurance. Book your experience now and be part of the change towards a more sustainable future!

Duration: 3 hours approx.
Nature and Gastronomy Tour

Connect with nature and take care of mother earth while enjoying its bounties! Join this unique experience that will take you through the enchantment of the Mangrove Forest and the Agroecological Garden of the Batis Foundation. You will learn about the importance of caring for these ecosystems and contribute to their conservation by planting a mangrove. In addition, you will be able to taste new and exquisite flavors in the garden of the Batis territory. Don't miss it! Includes: guide, explorer kit, complete gastronomic experience (starter, main course, drink and dessert), mangrove planting, delicious cold coconut, souvenir and assistance insurance. Reserve your place now and live a unique experience in contact with nature.