We are Nature

Batis Corporate

At the Batis Foundation we are committed to the protection and regeneration of the ecosystems that surround us, recognizing that we are part of nature. We promote a sustainable future through our work and collaboration with communities and organizations.

Research approaches and projects for environmental sustainability

Biodiversity Conservation

We protect and restore natural habitats and endangered species, promoting biodiversity conservation as a fundamental value for society.

Sustainable Management

We promote sustainable practices in the use of soil, water and energy, encouraging ecological agriculture, responsible fishing and the conservation of natural resources for a sustainable future.

Environmental Education and Awareness

Programs and activities promote awareness, environmental protection and commitment through knowledge and action.

Innovation and Technology for Sustainability

We support innovative and technological projects that promote environmental sustainability in our regions.

Get to know us and join us in building a sustainable future for all!

Corporate Services

Sustainability consulting

Do you want to reduce your environmental impact and improve your company's accountability? We help you develop sustainability strategies and identify opportunities to improve your business practices.

Consultancy for sustainable guidelines

We work with the SDGs, OECD guidelines and environmental management standards, make your company part of the change!

Workshops to identify socio-environmental impacts

Learn how to prevent, stop and mitigate your company's impacts - join the fight for a sustainable future!

Environmental management plans

Ensures compliance with environmental guidelines and management of waste, emissions and human rights. We perform environmental assessments, air, water and soil quality monitoring, and environmental impact assessment of construction and development projects.

Training and education

We train your employees to improve the corporate culture in relation to the environment. Make your team part of the change!

Environmental management plans

We monitor and evaluate the quality of air, water and soil. We also evaluate the environmental impact of your projects, making your company more responsible!

Habitat Bank

We offset your environmental liabilities for biodiversity loss and 1% mandatory investment. We also offer carbon credits to offset your ecological footprint - do your part for the planet!

Maritime advisory and consulting services

We help in marine-coastal ecosystem conservation projects, let's work together to protect our seas!

Sustainable mass event logistics

We make environmental management plans for festivals, take your festival to the next level!

Contact us now to create responsible processes in your company and projects!

Services for educational institutions

Environmental education programs

Promote environmental awareness in your students! We offer educational programs with hands-on activities and experiences in nature, to protect biodiversity and environmental sustainability.

Research and development

We work in collaboration with you to carry out projects and research on issues related to environmental sustainability and biodiversity conservation.

Development of educational materials

Improve learning and environmental awareness in your educational community! We develop teaching guides and didactic materials for the classroom and the community.

Contact us now to create responsible processes in your company and projects!

Services for government entities

Environmental planning and management

Do you want to develop effective policies and strategies for biodiversity conservation? Our environmental planning and management consultancy will help you achieve it.

Environmental monitoring and assessment

Want to assess the environmental impact of your development projects? Our environmental assessment and monitoring services will provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions.

Citizen participation

Do you want to encourage citizen participation in environmental decision-making and promote sustainable public policies? Let's work together to engage the community through art, culture and experiential workshops.

Maritime advisory and consulting services

Are you looking for formulation and execution of projects with conservation character of marine-coastal ecosystems? Trust our Commercial Operating License No.556 2021 DIMAR and our experts in maritime advisory and consultancy.

Workshops to identify, evaluate, prevent, stop, and mitigate socio-environmental impacts.

Do you want to identify and mitigate the socio-environmental impacts of your projects? Participate in our workshops to learn how to effectively assess and prevent such impacts.

Services for foundations and NGOs

Sustainability consulting

Improve your environmental impact! We are your partner in sustainability to adopt more responsible practices and improve your internal processes.

Project development

Together we can do more! Let's work on projects to conserve biodiversity and protect the environment. Take advantage of our technical expertise.

Training and education

Become an environmental leader! Improve your environmental management and foster environmental awareness in your staff and community with our courses and workshops.

Workshops to identify, evaluate, prevent, stop, and mitigate socio-environmental impacts.

Protect your environment! Participate in our workshops to identify, assess and mitigate the environmental and social impacts of your projects.

Communication and dissemination

Let's talk about sustainability! Let's effectively communicate your sustainability and biodiversity conservation initiatives and projects.

Strategic alliances

Let's join forces! Let's work together to make a greater impact on environmental protection and biodiversity conservation. Take advantage of our strategic alliances and shared resources.

Join the Batis Foundation community and contribute to creating a more sustainable and just world! Our community is made up of people committed to environmental protection and biodiversity conservation. If you also share our vision of a better future for all, don't hesitate to join us! With your support, we can continue to develop innovative projects, educational programs and effective strategies to build a more environmentally responsible world. Make your contribution today and together let's make a difference!