We are a Research Center with a holistic vision for environmental sustainability that aims to undertake integral actions for the pursuit of social welfare and nature conservation.


We are formed by an interdisciplinary group of professionals with extensive experience who are passionate about the application of scientific methodologies of socio-cultural and environmental research. Therefore, our value proposition lies in interdisciplinary research and holistic vision for environmental sustainability.


Through the exploration of different characteristics of environmental sustainability, we promote the restoration of ecosystems, agroecology, biology, proper waste management, environmental education, environmental consulting and other processes for the rapprochement of human beings in their role with nature.


Erwin Hasselbrinck

Enthusiastic and passionate about environmental sustainability, with experience in designing and managing sustainable projects for businesses and NGOs, based on sustainable development objectives and local community needs.

Omar Sanchez Vian

Guitarist of the bands Leon Bruno, Sicotropico and Catching Ears. Cultural creator, event producer and music producer.

Samuel Casseres

An adventurous spirit with a background in environmental biology, an enthusiast for the restoration of sensitive ecosystems in the Colombian Caribbean, a dreamer of a harmonious world and a grower and rebel of ancestral foods to share with humanity.

Diego Mariño

Business Administrator, Msc, Marketing. MOOC agroecology. Experience in audiovisual development and photography for events and cultural initiatives at local, national and international level. Apprentice in agroecology.