Batis Foundation

Mangroves play a fundamental role in climate change mitigation. You too can help offset your environmental footprint by participating in the preservation and rescue of mangroves.

About Us

Batis is a call to action for those who want to be part of the change towards a sustainable and balanced environment.

We are Nature
Batis Corporate

We conduct research and provide advice to public and private entities to promote environmental sustainability.


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Cultivation Club
Batis Community

We encourage actions of reconnection between human beings and the rest of Nature through volunteering, workshops and others.


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Batis Ecotourism

We develop activities that allow you to reconnect with nature and experience a deep connection with mother earth.


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Batis carries out environmental and research projects, as well as educational and awareness programs, in collaboration with public and private entities, to achieve environmental sustainability.

Rescue a Mangrove

Helps restore and conserve the mangrove ecosystem in the Colombian Caribbean and protects the species that inhabit it.

Habitat Bank

It contributes to the creation of conservation areas through national and international alliances and helps protect endangered species such as the jaguar.


Learn more about the international cooperation project that seeks to implement adaptation strategies to climate change in the Colombian Caribbean, all while helping to protect the environment.

Corporate Responsibility Consulting

Join the change and advise national and international companies to align their sustainable development objectives and to comply with environmental management standards (OECD, ISO:14001 ODS).


Live a unique experience and learn about agroecology, reforestation and tropical ecosystems while helping in the conservation and regeneration of nature.

Ancestral Rescue

Get to know the food products originated in our 100% organic and biodiverse garden, and enjoy our delicious agro-ecological products.


Reconnect with mother earth, enjoy experimental gastronomy and support environmental conservation.

Harmony and Synchrony